• LAN cabling system
  • Wi-Fi and Mesh Network Solution
  • VLAN and VPN
  • Total Network Solution

LAN cabling system

WIMAX provides specialist advice and guidance in any area associated with the design, delivery installation, maintenance and effective use of Local Area Network Infrastructures and Structured Cabling Systems from Twitted Pair Cables to Fiber optic. We offer a range of core and packaged services that can be tailored to suit client requirements.

Wi-Fi and Mesh Network Solution

WIMAX’s indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi Mesh Network Solutions are scalable, reliable and affordable. The Mesh-AP nodes adapt easily to architectural or environmental constraints and are able to extend Wi-Fi coverage to any geographical location from small to big projects. The solutions can be applied for areas: Hotspots-zone, Community, Construction sites, Business parks, University Campuses, Hotels, Resorts, Clubs, Stations, Airports, Hospitals and other area facilities.

Professional Telecoms and Network Projects
Offering of Telecoms network and internet broadband access design, installation and maintenance services and implementation of wired line CATx, copper wire, ADSL, fiber optic FTTx, wireless network: wimax and wifi, base station radio, antenna, tower and satellite system. Installation, commissioning and maintenance services and implementation of new building, hotel, office, industrial zone, university campus…

IP Camera Security Surveillance Services
Offering of Security Camera Surveillance design, installation, implementation and maintenance of large enterprises and Security firms. Camera selection, Monitoring Centers, Storage Systems and Facility Security Systems.

Telecoms and Information Technology Training
Offering of the training courses in field of telecoms & IT, aiming to installation, maintenance, deployment and development new technologies in wireless broadband internet such as Wimax, 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project), HSPA (High Speed Packet Access), LTE (Long Term Evolution) and IP based Cameras and Surveillance systems

Media Services
Offering of Voice & Video Solutions, Voip, SMS, IPTV & VoD, Video Conferencing. Offering of Business Ad. Designs and Website, WIS (Web Information Systems), Hosting and Domain Name Services, Email, FTP Server Services, Dynamic DNS, E-Commerce, E-Government , E-Learning Services.

Wimax Solution

Backhaul for WIMAX Broadband Network Infrastructure resolves the High-capacity IP bandwidth. WIMAX fixed and mobile broadband network applications bring to customers cost effective and manageable security over wireless systems as an ideal solution is made for a private network at long distance of links up to 20 km Line of Sight conditions. Banking and Camera Security Surveillance is the best to this solution. 3GPP, HSPA and LTE is researching when new standards are available in practice.

Satellite Solution

Where about an internet connection is not available, satellite solution is the way to make it is possible. WIMAX incorporates with IPSTAR – Australia and VINASAT – Vietnam offering to business customers IP connections to complete remotely accesses with reasonable monthly fee and charges. The satellite links can achieved from 1Mbps to higher bandwidth.


VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) is secure and performable via LAN and VPN (Virtual Private Network) is preferred as the best security solution via internet, intranet and extranet for enterprise applications. WIMAX supplies high-end products to meet these functions for security issues over wireless networks and public internet.

Total Network Solution

An IP Surveillance system may require to a variety of network solutions. WIMAX understands and knows how to make a total network solution that combines flexibly all type of networks we are experienced at a cost effective.  For this reason we have built in depth solutions with the most recent and highest quality technology available to date for customer projects to ensure our Total Network Solution is correct to demonstrate what customer needs and meet customer goals and objectives.